Capsule Collection: How To Narrow Down Your Closet To 32 Wearable Pieces

It’s no secret ladies: You have too many clothes and nothing to wear. If this is you keep reading.

Is your closet so crammed with clothes, shoes & bags that you don’t even know what you have? Do you find yourself losing and finding pieces in the never-ending abyss known as your “closet”? Do you find yourself overwhelmed with nothing to wear? If you answered yes to two or more questions then a Capsule Collection may be what you’ve been missing.

A Capsule Collection (sounds fancy) is merely a term that boils down to having purposeful pieces that you mix and match together. Having a Capsule Collection allows you to get ready faster, feel more stylish, love what you wear and helps curb your urge to shop all together. We tend to shop because we don’t appreciate what we already own.

When you do shop its more purposeful and most likely to upgrade an outdated piece or to shop for a specific event.

How do you create a Capsule Collection? I am here to guide you. We will narrow your closet down to 32 Staples for the season. That’s right, 32 pieces in your entire closet for the current season.

The Fall season is creeping up on us so this Capsule Collection guide will be for the Fall/Winter season.

I do highly recommend purchasing a small rolling rack for your room. THIS rack will not only help you as your purge but will allow you to display and style your outfits as needed.

Does this look familiar? A Capsule Collection will allow you to style more freely and purposeful


White T-Shirt: One that fits perfect and makes you feel good like this Hanes X Karla or this classic shirt from Amazon

Cozy Over-sized Sweater: This can be your most favorite sweater but over-sized or looser fitting is key like this one from Everlane or this one from Amazon

Light Weight Turtleneck: A thin turtleneck in a basic color (black, grey or white) like this classic piece from Saks Fifth Avenue or this one from Lands End

Cardigan: It can be a print or a solid like this one from Revolve or this one from Amazon

Crisp White Button Down Blouse: It can be fitted, over-sized or have a special detail like this one from Zara or this beauty from Intermix

Silk Tank: It doesn’t have to be silk but it can’t be cotton because this key piece will be worn so many ways like this silky beauty from Ravella or this silk like tank from Amazon

Silk Blouse: Again, Silk not necessary and the blouse can be tie neck or a simple button down but try to select a basic color (black, grey, beige or white) I’m super obsessed with this one from Cincinnati designer Jonathan Mezibov or this peach beauty from ASOS

Cashmere Sweater: If you do not own a cashmere sweater; I highly suggest purchasing one that will stay with you for many years. If cashmere is not in the budget then look for a blended fabric like this from Amazon or you are wanting to invest this one from Saks Fifth Avenue


Two Good Pair of Jeans: Can be any color or fit but must be your favorites! Any pair from Good American or Levis from Amazon and you’ll be all set

Trousers: Fit is key with this key piece ( black is a great staple but any color will do) I am in LOVE with this pair from Helmut Lang or grab a pair like these under $30 from Zara

Leggings: A good pair of quality leggings that fit well. Grab these “look at me now” leggings from NET-A-PORTER (hands down best leggings in the world)

Midi (or pencil) Skirt: Can be printed or wrap but it MUST be your favorite and versatile like this gorgeous one from Zara or for a simple one try this one from ASOS


Trench Coat: A classic trench will be your ultimate “go to” for daily wear in the fall like this one from ASOS or this investment piece from Burberry

Blazer: If you have multiples then pick the one you wear the most or if you are in need then try this over-sized blazer from Zara or this under $50 one from ASOS

Leather (suede or faux) Jacket: Something cool that you can wear for night outs like this from Reformation or this vegan leather one from Free People

Faux fur Coat or a Vintage Fur: This item will not be on everyone’s list but I can promise you if you add it: You’ll feel Tres Chic! Try this vintage beauty from Poshmark or try this faux statement (OBSESSED) from Shrimps

Denim Jacket: Can be distressed or logo or try this one from Saks Fifth Avenue


Casual Dress: Can be anything as long as it is a wrap like this from wrap dress queen DVF or this classic print from DVF

Printed Dress: Any print any style (dark floral’s are huge for FW19 FYI) like this one or this one from ASOS

Slip Dress: Can be maxi, midi or mini but should be a solid in a basic color like this one from Amazon or this staple from Zara

LBD Cocktail Dress: Can be any special dress you own as long as you love it and it fits well like this from Reformation or this jaw dropper from The Frankie Shop


Hat: Any style as long as its your favorite. Think wool fedora like this one from Free People or this faux leather fiddler cap from Nordstrom

Scarf/Wrap: Pick a cozy scarf that you love to wear like this one from Everlane or this cozy one from Amazon

Waist Belt: Preferred adjustable for hips and waist like this insane one from NET-A-PORTER

Cross body Bag: Can be your favorite! Any material, any brand like this under $300 classic from Neiman Marcus

Top Handle Bag w/Strap: Something that you will use on a daily basis like this special one from Charles Keith


Ankle Boots: Can be heeled or flat like these cuties from Amazon or these from Charles Keith

Leather Knee Boots: Can be really any material and heel height but leather keeps forever like these from Zara or a flat boot from Zara

Loafers or Flats: A pair that you would throw on for errands and for a lunch with friends like these classics from DSW

Sneakers: A good pair of sneakers. They shouldn’t be your “go on a hike” sneakers. They should be nicer and look new like these from Nordstrom

Pumps: A good pair of pumps in black and nude. A staple must have every woman should own. Try these from Everlane, with over 2500 five reviews and a previous wait-list your feet will be thanking me later

Heeled Sandals: In a solid color and and be any style and height (think dressy) These BY Far moc croc ones from NET-A-PORTER have me going crazy

Here are some outfit ideas with your new Capsule Collection:

White t-shirt<Midi skirt<Fedora hat<Cross body bag<Sneakers, Knee boots or Ankle Boots

Blazer<Jeans<Silk tank<Crossbody bag<Loafers, Flats, Ankle boots or Pumps

White t-shirt<Cashmere sweater (thrown over shoulders or wrapped on waist)<Jeans<Sneakers<Top handle bag

Blazer<Floral dress<Fedora<Knee boots<Cross body bag

Silk tank<Midi Skirt<Blazer (tied on waist)<Heeled sandals, Knee boots or sneakers<Crossbody body bag

Cardigan (tucked into jeans)<Ankle boots<Leather jacket<Crossbody bag

Casual dress<Scarf<Trench<Ankle boots or sneakers

White t-shirt<Jeans<Fur Coat<Scarf<Loafers<Top handle bag

Printed dress<Leather jacket<Ankle boots<Crossbody bag

Over-sized Sweater<Leggings<Knee high boots<Fedora<Crossbody

Over-sized Sweater<Belt on waist<Midi Skirt<Sneakers

Silk Blouse<Trousers<Leather Jacket<Pumps<Crossbody bag

Turtleneck<Blazer over shoulder<Jeans<Flat boots<Crossbody bag

Crisp button down< Belt at waist< Trench<Leggings<Loafers or Pumps

White t-shirt<Cardigan<Jeans <Belt at waist<Sneakers or Ankle boots

Light weight turtleneck<Scarf< Midi skirt<Denim jacket<Knee boots

Wrap Dress<Cardigan<Heeled Sandals

Slip dress<Denim jacket<sneakers<Crossbody bag

White tee<Blazer (belted at waist)<Maxi skirt<Flat knee boots<Fedora<Top handle bag

Your outfit options are literally endless. Who would have thought you would have more to wear with owning less?! Welcome to a life more stylishly simple!

Your Closet Queen,

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