The Under $150 Cult Heel That Racked Up A 28,000 Person Wait-list & Why YOU Need A Pair

Consider this my Public Service Announcement:

Everlane launched its now cult favorite heel “The Day Heel” in 2017 and not only did it sell out in 24 hours but it racked up an over 28,000 person wait list. Now I am sure you are asking yourself- what’s so special about this heel? I’ll tell you why: Its the most comfortable heel I’ve ever worn and 3,933 other women agree with me via their incredible reviews.

It’s all in the two inch, supple soft leather, handmade in Italy, elasticized back details that make this shoe so special. It will change the way you feel about wearing heels.

This popular shoe is now readily available to those who are ready to walk stylishly in comfort ALL. DAY. LONG. Available in 7 staple colors and three finishes you literally could buy one in every color and your feet would be happy. I chose this beautiful red pair below to add a pop of fun color to my daily look.

I decided to test out this shoe to see if it really lives up to its hype. I wore my fun red pair for a week doing just about everything including carrying around my infant son while shopping.

Here is my official review:

  • no back pain
  • no ankle, foot pain
  • actually very comfortable
  • very walk-able
  • got about 1 million compliments
  • looked great with everything I wore (including leggings and tee shirt)
  • the craftsman ship is the same quality as a shoe over $1000
  • ordered, arrived very quickly
  • true to size (based on my narrow feet; size up 1/2 size for normal feet)

Whether or not you work in an office all day or you are an at home mom: You actually do NEED this shoe in your life. Check out the Day Heel HERE and other beautiful staples Everlane offers.

Your Happy Heel Friend,

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