Its been a while and I miss you all!!! I’ve been working on rolling out some exciting new things with my styling business so Stay Tuned!!

Most of us are hunkered down at home right now and between schooling children and not being able to socialize the days can become mundane. Right now its a great time to try new things and also to refresh your beauty routine (or lack there of). I thought it would be a great time to share some of my favorite products. These products can be delivered to your doorstep & can hopefully bring a boost of “feel good” to your yoga pant wearing self.

I don’t know about you but when I stumble across a beauty product that improves my overall self– I have to share with everyone I know. I am talking about the game changer products. The ones you cannot live without. I’ve rounded up my ultimate favorites and why I love them. Enjoy!!

These daily Skincare Peel wipes have really been a game changer for me. My skin tends to be normal to oily and dry in in the cold months but with these wipes my skin is perfect. My skin has changed from a dull uneven complexion to glowing and even. They are a bit on the pricey side but honestly worth every penny (& cheaper than professional facials) Use once per week and work up to every other day use as your skin adjusts. Amazing!!!

This product is a dream. I use it in conjunction with the above mentioned peel kit or as part of my normal night time regimen. This product creates a glow, smoothness and soft skin. I have oily skin and it doesn’t break me out like other oils. The perk with this product is that you can put it on anywhere on your body. I put in on my neck, decolletage & the back of my hands EVERY NIGHT. This product will be in my regimen for life!!

Welcome to the Queen of all lip ointments. I was gifted this 2 years ago from my girlfriend and my lips have never been the same. I used to have normal, dry lips especially in the winter but never again. I slather this on right before I sleep and I wake up with baby soft lips EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I also use it right before I put on a lipstick to rid myself of lipstick lines (yuck). I have one in purse and one on my night stand–its THAT GOOD. I just bought new tubes after my original one lasted me almost 2 years. Crazy amazing.

Say Hello to the weirdest brush you’ll ever buy. I was recommended this brush by a fellow beauty blogger. I was skeptical and also I thought why in the world would I need this? Like most women, I tend to get bumps after shaving on occasion (for me ankle area). After reading reviews and with the small price tag; I gave it a try. I have been using it for 2 months and can see results every time. I use the brush right before I shave and I have smoother, softer legs and NO bump. I’ve also tried my armpit area and YEP it works there too; no more bumps. Ladies (& Men) You actually do need this bizarre little brush in your life!!

Do you wake up with puffy, swollen or dark circles under your eyes?? If so, then you have to try these eye masks. They are super hydrating and they feel so refreshing during and after use. I have noticed my puffiness subside after use & faded dark circles. They are stored in the refrigerator so the coolness helps to wake up your eyes. Just pop them on in the morning while you drink your coffee & say Hello to brighter eyes!

So this product gets a score of 100/100 and is my favorite beauty product on this list. The product name? a tad well…you get me. I had to take off the label for fear of my older kids seeing it (HAHA). Aside of that, this product is gold. Its so good I’ll sum it up like this: Smooth, silky, NO razor burn ever again in bikini or any area. YES. Also its so moisturizing that you don’t even need to put on lotion after your shower. Need I say more? I say BUY NOW.

I can’t even explain how insanely comfortable this pillowcase is!! That is not what makes its so fabulous—You will wake up with softer skin and smoother hair–seriously!!!!! You’ll wish you would have thrown out your cotton pillowcase years ago. It comes in loads of colors to match your bedding & is under $25. Great buy!!

I have tried lots of face masks in the past few years but nothing compares to this mask. I have been using these masks 3 x per week for the past six months and every time I use one my face glows for 24 hours. The mask soothes, replenishes and creates the most beautiful glowing skin I have ever had. I love the double layer of the mask: The top layer is a mesh that stays on until you get the mask just right on your face and then you peel the mesh off for a perfect fit. My husband always compliments my skin after using and if a man can notice; then it must be really good!! They are finally available on Amazon and in a multi-pack. Lucky us!!!!! You will thank me.

I hope you get a chance to try some of these products and I can almost guarantee they’ll become a staple in beauty routine for good & if not, at least make you feel a bit better 🙂

Stay Healthy, Safe and Sane,

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