My Top Favorite Things From Amazon That Make Perfect Gifts

I know we are ready to say goodbye to 2020 but first lets spread some Holiday cheer! The Holidays will be different for most of us but I know we all are missing friends and family. Personally, I am hanging onto Christmas past to help get me through this season.

Like many, Amazon has been my “Go To” in 2020 due to fast shipping & offering everything imaginable to customers. I have discovered so many beautiful, practical and fashionable items this year. I have rounded up all of MY favorite Amazon items from 2020. They would make excellent Christmas gifts too! Here ya go…!


Let’s kick it off with this GAME changer hair dryer/brush. Let me preface; I have super thick hair that takes 1 hour to dry with a normal hair dryer. This speedy hair dryer is amazing + it adds smoothing volume to my hair = a winner for this busy Mom of three!!

I can’t tell you how much you need these little razors in your life. Most of us have had to make due with at home skincare. These babies allow you to your shape eyebrows beautifully and dermaplane your face (smooth as a baby) The best part is the safety guard on the blade so you cannot cut yourself.

So I have religiously used Neutrogena makeup wipes for the past 7 years UNTIL I stumbled upon these wipes. I got tired of the greasiness that the Neutrogena wipes left on my face. These wipes are so amazing. They have a light fresh smell, remove my makeup and leave no extra oil on my face. They do not burn my eyes when I use them to take off my eye makeup. I use these every night to remove my eye makeup and they are gentle and perfect! They do come in a big box and are individually wrapped so this makes them great for traveling.

These gummy bears are OH MY GOODNESS!!! I was told about them from a sister who suddenly had thicker longer hair in a short amount of time. I’m on month 4 of these sweet little bears and my hair has literally grown 2.5 inches..NO JOKE. They are packed with vitamins and are SO delicious. I take two per day and have them on reorder because they actually work.

I LOVE LOVE these pajamas. Okay, they aren’t silk but they are a very silky satin. Once you put them on you won’t care! I absolutely love mine in black (shown above). They come in tons of colors and the size range is amazing for pajamas. They are easy to care for as well. I wash mine on gentle cold and tumble dry low to keep them perfectly new! Any girl would lucky to get this set for Christmas!

I love these slippers so much!!! They are extremely fluffy, soft and comfortable. I love that I can wear them outside to let the dogs out or grab a delivery off of the porch. They come in beautiful colors and are just plain old perfection. They are back in stock on January 9th 2021- but trust me its worth the wait.

Richie House Womens Soft Robe

Do you want the ULTIMATE softest robe? Once you slip into this YOU WILL NEVER TAKE IT OFF. The softest, coziest, luxurious robe ever. You’re welcome. Ultimate gift right here. It comes in many lengths, colors & prints.

Unfortunately, I was hit with Covid back in November and honestly it was horrible. I can say that I don’t know how I would have gotten through with out my heated neck pillow. In the past, my warm friend would comfort me when I was having pamper time. Using this while sick? Another level. Nothing soothed my achy neck and headache more than this warm pillow. It is filled with soft lavender aromatherapy and makes a great gift for sure!!

Warm, soft, fleecy feet during the chilly months? Here ya go. These socks are beyond soft and hands down the most enjoyable socks I’ve ever worn. Be prepared to hide them from teenage daughters because they will go missing. I love these socks!!


I am in love with these stemless wine glasses. They are the perfect size and weight too. I opted for stemless because my stemmed glasses seem to get knocked over when kids, pets or a foot kicks it off the table. The glasses look and feel more expensive then they are!

This is one of my most favorite kitchen gadgets! This year has required most of us to step into the kitchen & this little guy has been my lifesaver. I cook every night now and I temp check any meat I am cooking to perfection with it. There is a small meat-temp guide on the back (super helpful!) so no longer asking Alexa cook times!!

I cannot tell you how many compliments I get on this chic little vase. I am a mega fan of black & white decor mostly because it goes with everything. Its pretty on its own or with fresh or dried flowers. This vase will be your new fave! Its a nice weight & the design is etched into the vase making it look WAY more expensive then it really is!

I have only one word for this candle: INCREDIBLE. Really it is probably due to its addicting scent. This candle is dubbed “Best Smelling Candle on Amazon” and that’s because IT IS. Any gal would be thankful to have this as a gift but don’t forget to gift yourself one-you won’t regret it.


This sweater is the perfect staple for this Winter season. Its cozy + stylish and it has a nice length. Dress down with jeans & flats or toss over leather leggings and boots. I love this sweater and so will you!!

This sweater made it on the list because not only is it super stylish but BEYOND comfy. If a garment checks those boxes consider it a keeper & a great gift!

There is nothing better than a simple, beautiful set. This set not only is gorgeous in color but the length and fit are so flattering for many body types. Its also versatile; toss on with sneakers or knee high boots for an easy stylish look!

I know so many share my affinity for animal prints and this cardigan makes it on my IT list. The color, length, fabric and versatility makes it a perfect staple piece!! Animal prints never go out of style so you’ll enjoy many years with this beauty.

These comfy leggings have racked up 24,500 4.5 star rating for a reason. They are comfy, wear well and the fit is insane. I don’t need to tell you any more- BUY THEM!

Turn your smart watch into an accessory? Sign me up. This pretty brand offers an array of colorful scarf bands for your watch. I wear mine layered with bracelets and I get a ton of compliments!!

Welcome to the most favorite item on my entire list. This “scarf” aka a beautiful wrap, aka a beautiful throw is perfection. It feels like a cashmere, the colors are bold and bright & its really beautiful. I use mine as a throw and I get tons of compliments!!

Merry Christmas & Happiest Holidays,


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