You share your feelings with the world through your personal style

Your style is a direct expression of how you feel and how you want the world to see you.  Personal style is individual. For some it comes natural and for others it can be a struggle.

Why Me? My passion for fashion started at a young age and eventually paved the road for a successful boutique and a career as a Prominent Fashion Designer based in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have had the opportunity to style hundreds of women- all ages, shapes and sizes. These experiences have given me an advantage in the Fashion Industry.  My dedication and passion fuel my styling abilities. As your stylist, I want to get to know you and learn what your comfort levels are- not just in fashion but in life. After all, your wardrobe should reflect your lifestyle and who you are inside and out.

I view my work as a collaboration with each client and I will help you achieve a certain style goal. I can work with your existing wardrobe while also suggesting ways for you to purge stuff you don’t wear and acquire investment pieces. I offer event styling, capsule collections, style makeovers, closet makeovers and personal shopping.

Stylishly Yours,

Amy Kirchen SIGNATURE LOGO 2019
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